Basics Of Pomeranian Care

Basics Of Pomeranian Care

That adorable ball of fluff known as the Pomeranian can make a great addition to many families today. Friendly and eager to please, the Pomeranian puppy can get along quite well with older children and other pets alike, and many enjoy the loyalty of this tiny dog.

However, like any breed, Pomeranians can come with a variety of health issues that are inherent in the breed as well as Pomeranian allergies that can be caused by a variety of factors. By educating yourself in the basics of Pomeranian health issues, you can effectively screen breeders to find those with the healthiest animals and select the best Pomeranian for you.

If you have general knowledge about the types of health issues that the Pomeranian might face, you can question breeders about whether they screen for the problems with all of their dogs. Health problems in regards to the skin, heart and eyes are common in Pomeranians, but by breeding dogs that test negative for these issues, you can go far in preventing them in your own puppy.

The reason that it is important to understand the possible health issues of the Pomeranian is so you can ask breeders whether they screen for certain problems and avoid breeding dogs that test positive for them. This greatly reduces the likelihood that certain health problems will be present in the line that you choose your puppy from. It is also a good idea to know how to recognize the symptoms of Pomeranian allergies, which might include sneezing, wheezing, itching and diarrhea. This way you can treat allergies as soon as they arise, by changing food or checking your dog for fleas.

The vet that you select will also be an important link in keeping your Pomeranian healthy and happy. Take the necessary time to visit a number of veterinarian offices, and ask questions of the staff and doctor to find out if this is a clinic that you will be comfortable bringing your puppy to. The staff should be helpful and the environment should be clean and well maintained. Make sure that the clinic hours are convenient for your schedule and that the office has procedures in place in the event of an emergency with your pet.

If you have decided to bring a new puppy into your family, it is important that your pet is healthy and well cared for. By understanding the potential health issues of this breed, including Pomeranian allergies that you may need to address, you are making a good first step in proper Pomeranian care. Familiarizing yourself with the health problems of the breed will help you to prevent them from the start, or identify the issues quickly so that they can be treated effectively.

Finding a vet that you and your dog are comfortable with will go far in managing your pet’s health effectively as well. Just as you want to be comfortable with your own physician, your dog should have a good relationship with his doctor as well.

Working with a veterinarian that is experienced in Pomeranian care is another important step in providing your pet with the best care possible. Find a vet that you and your dog are comfortable with, and stick with the scheduled exams and immunizations to keep your dog looking a feeling his best. Your dog will reward you with enjoyment and companionship for years to come.

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