Pet FAQ - Which Pet Should I Choose

Pet FAQ – Which Pet Should I Choose?

Question: What should I consider to decide on the pet that is right for me and my family?

First and foremost, never purchase your new pet on impulse. Bringing a sweet little fur ball home just because it was adorable is rarely the best way to find a new pet.

Discuss the matter of pets together as a family before making the purchase. Remember to consider the following important issues: personal attention, grooming, playtime, daily feeding, vet care and house and potty training (if pet will be indoors). Consider asking each person in the household why they want a pet. Be sure your children understand that a pet is an important member of the family, not a toy, and that the pet’s needs must be considered just as much as the humans’ needs.

Take note of your lifestyle. Assuming, for example, you live in an apartment in the city or you need to work long hours. In this particular situation an easy-to-care-for-pet like a fish, bird or cat may be a good choice. If you do a lot of jogging or running, then a dog would be a good companion for you.

To get a better idea of the needs of a potential pet, consider talking to breeders and other pet owners. Another good resource is to attend local pet shows and talk to the judges. Go online to search for specific breeds to learn more about the pet you are considering. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consider the ages of your children when planning to purchase a new pet. Not only this, but consider the life expectancy of the pet for bonding purposes.

Question: Which is best – to get a pet from the local animal shelter or from a pet store like PetsMart?

It’s really a matter of individual choice. However, personally, I would say it is advisable to get pets from a shelter. The animals are well-cared for by the staff and are aware of an environment involving people. The shelter’s staff can help you find the pet that you want. The staff can tell you which dog enjoys long walks, which animal loves children and which cat likes to curl up on your lap. In addition, animals from a shelter have already undergone medical treatments such as immunizations, spaying and neutering.

If you decide instead to get a pet from a pet store, be sure you spend time with the store owner about that particular animal’s temperament, particulary for dogs, cats and other animals that will have plenty of interacation with a variety of people.

Question: How should I ascertain the kind of dog that is best for me?

You should follow basic steps in choosing the right type of dog for you:

– Spend time reading pet guides to learn about a specific dog breed’s temperament and background. Use Google to search the internet for more information about the more people-friendly types of dogs.

– Find a vet to discuss details about the characteristics of the breed you are looking for. Ask questions to understand more about the dog’s breed.

– After weighing all your options you plan to find a puppy at your local pet store, remember to ask for the dog’s background — things like from where the dog originated, anomalies of that particular dog’s breed as well as behavioral and physical problems. If you prefer not to use the local pet store, you can also look for a puppy or dog at a local animal shelter or from a private party.

– Last, but not least, talk to your friends about the various types of dog breeds they have owned.

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